Increase your confidence and trust, for healing and growth

From the deeper work of how you show up in the world to what
paths you choose to take, life coaching is a whole life journey to well-being.

A path to well-being:

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Get clear about what you want

We will clarify specific goals you have for yourself. This forms both a foundation and direction for our work together. For example: Creating healthier relationships, following through on projects, managing health concerns, improving communication, or gaining greater self-awareness.

Find a path that moves you towards your goals

I’ll help you create a path of small steps that will build on each other, focusing on what you most value as a guide. Supporting your development, encouraging you to stretch beyond your habitual ways of being and trying on new perspectives, you’ll make strides toward achieving what you want.

Transform fears, habits, and beliefs that limit you

The modalities I have studied and use in my practice are helpful for transforming fears and beliefs that keep you stuck and limit your growth. You will start to find clarity, feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin, and trust yourself to move forward toward your goals.

Learn new skills to support you on your path to well-being

You will explore and learn the practices and tools that work best for you in making changes, inwardly and outwardly. We will create supportive systems that you’ll be able to utilize beyond our coaching relationship.

It takes courage, motivation, and commitment to transform your life. Meeting yourself with kindness and compassion softens your edges and opens your heart to possibilities.

Working together will provide a safe sanctuary for self-exploration and will give you the encouragement and guidance you need for your whole life journey to well-being.

How the sessions work

Life Coaching can be done by telephone or Zoom, so we can work together from wherever you are located. As a Mendocino County life coach, I can also do in-person sessions in Ukiah, CA. Sessions are generally one hour in length. I like to begin with a foundation session to design the coaching relationship to better serve you. A 3-month minimum commitment is recommended in order to allow time to make changes. Longer and shorter-term sessions, as well as one or two session tune-ups, are also available. The choice is yours.

Workshops, classes, and staff support

Check out my blog page for upcoming events. If you are interested in particular topics or have ideas of a class or workshop you would like to see happen, contact me and let’s see what can be created. And if your staff is needing support to reduce stress, improve productivity or improve communication, let’s talk.