A Path To Well-Being

Carol Goldberg, Life Coach

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray."

— Rumi

A path to well-being:

  • Increase your self-awareness

  • Gain more confidence

  • Trust your inner wisdom

  • Make healthier choices

I am here to support you!

With 35 years as a professional in the Healing Arts, including 20 years as a Certified Life Coach (CPCC), I provide comprehensive guidance for greater well-being and transformational change. I am based in Ukiah, in Northern CA and can work with you wherever you are located.

The heart of my life coaching is based on doing inner work that awakens you to show up in integrity with what is true at your core. From there, choices and decisions you make honor who you are and what’s most important to you, leading to greater well-being.

Free yourself from behaviors and beliefs that hold you back. Make new choices that are more aligned with your heart and spirit.

Do you struggle with self-doubt, feel insecure or at odds with yourself? Through powerful coaching practices, heal and transform patterns, find more confidence and strength, and make healthier choices.

Having a hard time making the changes you know you want to make? Explore choices with more awareness, create accountability and build workable structures that will support you in realizing your goals.


Are you in a time of transition that’s creating confusion, or feeling stuck? Discover fresh perspectives, learn new skills and gain more tools to find clarity and direction.

Feeling stressed or burned-out? Experience guided meditations, mindfulness and relaxation practices to create a sense of balance and calm.

It is possible for you to feel more centered and confident, have a better relationship with yourself and others, and live your life from a place of well-being. As a life coach, I am here to help you do that, wherever you are located!

What people are saying

“The work I did with Carol was transformational and the results long lasting! I have often compared our work together with a traditional therapist and hands-down, Carol was far more valuable. Her energetic, playful and positive personality along with methods that are structured and functional are a great combination. I would recommend her highly whether it be in a group situation or individually.”

Katherine M.

Retired Vocational Therapist, Ukiah, CA

“Carol is incredible!! She helped me process through old pain that was holding me back in life. I was able to look at the cause for what it truly was and see I don’t have to keep reliving the pain over and over again. I was able to be a better version of myself because she helped me find the tools to heal and see who I truly am. I highly recommend her to anyone in search of positive change.”


Amy B.

Bookkeeper & Mom, Kalamazoo, MI

“Facing uncertainty about a life-direction, I sought Carol’s guidance and found her to be a great fit. Most importantly, due to Carol’s coaching, I feel much more aligned with my soul’s vision for my life. I recommend Carol if you, too, feel your life is adrift, and you desire an experienced guide to point you toward your potential.”


Graduate Student, Berkeley CA